Square invitations and those with ribbon
applications may require extra postage
Graduation Invitations and Announcements
Graduation Invitations and Announcements
1755-Graduation-Cap and Ribbons-Half Sheet-25 count pack
5.5 x 8.5" flat card design. Kit includes,
25 invitations, 25 single envelopes, 30
name cards, (3 sheets 10 up), ribbon,
and 25 class year seals. Price is per kit.
Choice of  Gold or Pearl White foil cap
design. Displayed in Gold
Class Seal
Foil Color
Ribbon Color #1
Ribbon Color #2
1555-Graduation-Class of-full sheet-25 count pack
Graduation 8.5x11 white tri-fold design. 25 invitations, 25 single envelopes, 30 name cards(3 10up sheets), 25 class of seals per each pack. Choice of Gold or Silver foil on top portion .
Class Seal
Foil Color
1757-Graduation-Senior Crest-Tiffany-25 count pack
Graduation 5.5x7.75 flat card design. 25 invitations, 25 envelopes per each pack.
Foil Colors
7304-Graduation-Grad Kids-Half Sheet-25 count pack
Graduation 5.5x8.5 white flat card design. 25 invitations, 25 envelopes per pack. Class year not pre-printed on stock.
1155-Graduation-Class of Name Card-10 sheets per pack-makes 100 cards
Graduation 8.5x11 white name card design. 10 cards per perforated sheet. 10 sheets per pack. Business card size. Gold or Silver.
2" x 3 1/2"
card size
Foil Color
3417GS-Cap and Scroll Seal - 25 per sheet
Graduation Embossed Cap and Scroll seal in Gold only. 25 per sheet.
Graduation Invitations and Announcements
Graduation Invitations and Announcements
The prices shown below are for the blank stock kits only. Some Items shown printed for display only.
Please Read First :    
Graduation Kits that include the option for a class envelope seal will have the year printed as 2016 in black ink on a silver or gold foil envelope seal

On item 1755 with satin ribbon ,  1/4 inch or 1/8 inch ribbon will be provided
with the kit depending on current stock of color ordered - colors may vary slightly
R152182-Graduation Celebration-Tiffany-25 cards per pack
Graduation 5.5x7.75 flat color card design. 25 cards and white envelopes per each pack.
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40048-Black and Gold Cap-Embassy size-25 count with envelope
Graduation Tri-fold design 6 5/8" x 13" open and 5" x 6 5/8" folded. 25 invitations with envelope. 30 name cards-not perforated.
The 1755 pearl design comes pack
with gold or silver name cards
to match class seals ordered
pearl name cards are not available
Ribbon is cut and placed after printing
2016 gold or silver printed seal
25 gold or silver envelopes seals per sheet pack
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Specialty Invitation Paper Designs

Print and create Invitations at home.
Wedding Invitations made for you by you.
Envelopments,Pocket Folds,double envelope
sets,invitations with lined envelopes,cut card stock in
layers, Mix and Match your color card stock for DIY
invitations. Printable on your home computer printers.
30 name cards in these packs come in the form of 6 sheets with 5 cards
on each sheet and will require cutting after printing-not perforated
NC-GS-Grad Name Card-cap & scroll-20-5up cards-makes 100 cards
3 1/2 x 8 1/2" strip card with embossed and foil design in gold or silver. Makes standard 1 1/2 x 3" graduation name cards. Will require your own template and cutting. Not perforated.
1 1/2"x 3"
card size
Foil Color
40047-Dual color navy-white-gold cap grad-25 count single envelope
Graduation 4.5"x6.25" folded size.Open size 6.25" x 13". 25 invitations, 25 envelopes-30 non-perforated name cards.
316-Graduation-My Graduation-Embassy-25 count box
Graduation 5x7 white flat card design. 25 invitations, 25 envelopes per each box.
250 Bulk Bunch - Deal

for bulk price on other graduation designs
contact us with your needs
bulk sold in 250 bunches only
smaller count items listed on this page
1555-B Graduation-Class of Silver or Gold-8.5x11 with name cards
Graduation 8.5x11 White tri-fold design. 250 invitations, 250 single envelopes, 250 name cards(25-10ups sheets) Gold or silver foil with pearl foil accents. Mascot and printing for display only. Sold Blank
Foil Color
The name cards shown in photo for
the 1555 are no longer in
stock -  The substitute card will be
The class of with scroll - shown on this
page below as item 1155.  
Cap name cards as shown in printed
sample photo to the right are no
longer available. Class of name cards
will ship with kit.
Sold blank as shown above
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since 1984 - Serving printers and the public - Wholesale to all
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Color Tassel Kit
1706-Graduation Cap-Color Tassel-25 count-Single Envelope
5.5"x5.5" black cap design with 5"x5" white printable overlay, mailing envelope, tassel and brad holder, year seal to cover brad. 25 count pack.
Tassel and Brad
Cap available
in Black, Crimson Red,
White, Emerald Green,
Emperor Purple, Wine,
Royal Blue and Navy  
Check with your local post office
for cost before mailing square
invitation designs and those with
Card Stock Colors
Ribbon Colors