Card Colors
Ribbon Colors
FL-IC-Informal for FL Designs-No 4-50 count pk
3.5x5" flat card used as informal for RSVP on all the FL designs displayed. 50 cards in your color choice and white or cream envelopes.
Envelope Color
Informal Color
FL-IC-NE Informal for FL Designs with No Envelopes 50 count
3.5x5" flat card in variety of colors. 50 per pack. No envelopes included.
Informal Color
Zebra Design
Elegant Laser Cut Design
LC-Laser Cut Flat Card Designs-25 with Envelope
Elegant Laser Cut Invitation Covers with overlay cards. 5.5" x 8.5" card with 4.25" x 7" overlay card. Single envelopes only in white or cream.
Overlay Card
Zoey-Zebra Sash Flat Card Design-25 count with single envelope
5.25" x 7.75" flat card design with sash card and printed Zebra sash strip. 25 base cards, 25 overlay cards for printing, 25 card sashes, 25 Zebra print design strips, chiffon ribbon, 25 single gummed envelopes per pack. Order RSVP or Reception cards below.
Base Card Color
Envelope Color
Overlay Card Color
Sash Color
Sheer Ribbon Color
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